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Legislative Information

Your support guides our Legislative Committee to push legislation and resolutions with state officials to help strengthen our municipalities

2019 Legislation

Sterling Act
Need of Reform

The four Counties surrounding Philadelphia have been losing millions of dollars in EIT revenue to Philadelphia as a result of the Sterling Act, passed during the Great Depression to aid the city. Two current bills, HB 1765 & HB 1766 or SB 843 & SB 844 would amend the Sterling act and allow those non-Philadelphia residents working in the city to have their EIT money go to their home municipalities. Please consider contacting your State legislators and ask them to support Sterling Act reform. To see how much revenue your municipality is losing view the Philadelphia Wage Tax Impact document.

2018 Legislation

HR 291

A Resolution directing the Department of Revenue, in consultation with the Department of Community and Economic Development and the Independent Fiscal Office with input from counties, municipalities and school districts in this Commonwealth, to commence a study to investigate the feasibility and potential cost savings associated with the replacement of local earned income tax collection methods by local taxing committees with a Statewide collection method domiciled in the Department of Revenue.

SB 1099

This Bill would reform property tax collection in Pennsylvania.  Provided below is a memo from Senator Scott Martin, who has introduce SB 1099.   The BCATO Executive Board sent letters to our local Senators, Senators on the Local Government Committee, and PSATS requesting oppostion to SB 1099.

A hearing on SB 1099 will be held before the Senate's Local Government Committee on Tuesday, June 19, 2019.