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Arbitration Awards and Contracts

Arbitration Awards and Contracts

Document Type Municipality Start Date End Date Neutral Arbitrator
Northampton Township (C) Contract Northampton Township 1/1/2016 12/31/2020
Central Bucks Regional (C) Contract Central Bucks Regional 3/28/2016 12/31/2020
Pennridge Regional (C) Contract Pennridge Regional 1/1/2016 12/31/2018
Plumstead Township (C) Contract Plumstead Township 1/1/2016 12/31/2019
Solebury Township (C) Contract Solebury Township 1/1/2016 12/31/2018
Springfield Township (C) Contract Springfield Township 1/1/2016 12/31/2020
Warrington Township (C) Contract Warrington Township 1/1/2016 12/31/2019
Warminster Township (C) Contract Warminster Township 2/1/2015 1/31/2020
Buckingham Township (AA) Award Buckingham Township 1/1/2015 12/31/2018 Walt De Treux
Buckingham Township (C) Contract Buckingham Township 1/1/2015 12/31/2018
Doylestown Township (C) Contract Doylestown Township 1/1/2015 12/31/2018
New Hope Borough (C) Contract New Hope Borough 1/1/2015 12/31/2017
Quakertown Borough (C) Contract Quakertown Borough 1/1/2015 12/31/2017
Richland Township (C) Contract Richland Township 1/1/2015 12/31/2018
Bensalem Township (C) Contract Bensalem Township 1/1/2014 12/31/2017
Lower Makefield Township (C) Contract Lower Makefield Township 1/1/2014 12/31/2018
New Britain Township (AA) Award New Britain Township 1/1/2014 12/31/2018 Walt De Treux
New Britain Township (C) Contract New Britain Township 1/1/2014 12/31/2018