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Article I - Elections of Delegates, Directors and Officers

  1. At least one month before an annual convention, the President, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint a Nominating Committee of at least three (3) members who are not members of the Executive Board. They shall determine the availability of candidates for office from within the Association, their willingness to serve and shall present a slate at the annual convention of the Association. Other candidates may also be nominated by members of the Association from the floor provided the candidate nominated from the floor has expressed in writing his/her willingness to accept the office and responsibilities, and further provided that the same is presented to the Secretary at the time the nomination is made from the floor.
  2. Election of Delegates and Directors shall be held at the annual convention meeting.
  3. The Executive Board of the Association shall elect the Officers of the Board at the next monthly meeting of the Board following the annual convention meeting.

Article II - Duties of Officers, Delegates and Directors

  1. The President shall be the executive head of the Association. He/She shall exercise all the powers and perform all the duties usually pertaining to the office. He/She shall preside at all the meetings of the Association and at all the meetings of the Executive Board. He/She shall call meetings of the Executive Board as the occasion may arise.
  2. The 1st Vice President and the 2nd Vice President shall assist the President in all his/her work. They shall perform such functions as the President or the Executive Board shall from time to time direct. The 1st Vice President shall assume all powers and duties of the President in the latter’s absence or disability. The 2nd Vice President shall assume all powers and duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President and 1st Vice President.
  3. The Secretary need not be either an active member of the Association or a former member of the Association. The Secretary shall make careful and complete minutes of all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board. The Secretary shall be the custodian of the organization’s minutes.
  4. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds belonging to the Association in a bank designated by the Executive Board and in the name of the Association and shall disburse same by check. Only the treasurer’s signature shall be required on checks.  The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of accounts which shall be open to inspection by the Executive Board at request. The Treasurer shall submit at the annual convention meeting of the Association a written report of the administration of the office for the past year. The Treasurer shall be bonded for such amount as shall be determined by the Executive Board, the premium to be paid by the Association.
  5. The Delegates to the State Convention shall be the representatives of the Bucks County Association of Township Officials at said convention and shall report to the Association at the Annual Meeting.
  6. The duties of the Directors shall be designated by the President.

Article III - Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board shall consist of the Secretary, the elected Delegates, nine (9) elected Directors, and all Past Presidents who are members of the Association.
  2. The Executive Board shall meet monthly within the County on call by the President. Written notice of such meeting shall be given five (5) days in advance.
  3. A quorum shall consist of seven (7) members of the Executive Board. A quorum being present, a majority of those in attendance may decide any question within the power of the Executive Board.
  4. The Executive Board shall direct and guide all activities of the Association with due regard for the wishes and decisions of the entire membership expressed in general.
  5. Executive Board members are expected to attend all meetings of the Executive Board. Should any Executive Board member be absent from three (3) consecutive regularly scheduled Executive Board meetings, or absent from four (4) regularly scheduled Executive Board meetings over the course of their one year term, without the absences being excused by the Association President in accordance with the attendance policy of the Board, that Executive Board member will be deemed to have vacated his or her seat on the Executive Board.

Article IV - Executive Director

  1. The Executive Board may appoint an Executive Director at compensation to be determined by Executive Board resolution, on an annual basis, with powers and duties to be determined by the Executive Board.

Article V - Committees

  1. The President, with Executive Board approval, shall designate committees which may be needed for specific tasks.
  2. The President, with Executive Board approval, shall annually appoint either an Auditing Committee composed of three (3) elected Township Auditors and/or a qualified certified public accounting firm to audit the books of the Association.
  3. The President, with Executive Board approval, shall appoint a Resolution Committee.  The Resolution committee shall annually request from the member townships any resolutions that the townships wish to have considered by the Association.  The Committee shall prepare a list of the resolutions submitted by both the townships and the members of the Association.  This list along with the Committee’s recommendations as acceptance or denial shall be submitted to all member townships no less than four (4) weeks prior to the annual convention at which the resolutions are to be considered.  All approved resolutions shall be forwarded to Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors.

Article VI - Meetings

  1. Annual meetings or conventions shall be held in the County Seat, or other suitable place in the County.
  2. At least ten (10) days notice of the time and place of the annual convention shall  be mailed to each member of the Association at the member’s last known address.
  3. Other meetings of the Association may be held at the call of the Executive Board, details of said meeting to be arranged by the Executive Board. Written notice of any such meeting shall be mailed to all members of the Association at the member’s last known address, at least ten (10) days prior to said meeting.
  4. A majority vote of the members present at a duly constituted meeting of the Association shall decide any questions presented except amendment or amendments to the Constitution or these By-Laws.

Article VII - Reimbursements

  1. All members of the Executive Board and committee members shall serve without pay, but in special cases the Executive Board may authorize reimbursement for necessary miscellaneous expenses.

Article VIII - Amendments

  1. These by-laws may be repealed, altered, or amended, in whole or in part, by a two-thirds vote of the members present at duly constituted meeting of the Association. Written notice of proposed revisions shall be given at least thirty (30) days prior to the next annual or semi-annual meeting and shall state that action will be taken at said annual or semi-annual meeting and that upon the favorable vote of two-thirds of the members present, the same shall become effective five (5) days after the meeting.

Article IX - Rules of Order

  1. The rules of parliamentary procedure as laid down in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern all meetings of the Association.

Article X - Publication

  1. The Executive Board shall determine the official publications of this Association.

Article XI - Dues

  1. A dues assessment by this Association, which shall be determined by the general membership at the annual convention, shall be paid from the township general fund.